Gemma Aterton headshot

Gemma Arterton

I love this girl!  At 23 years old British actress Gemma Arterton shows a mature self confidence not often exhibited by one so young.  She is 5’7” and a curvy size 10.  In the UK she is fast becoming a poster girl for curvier women.  Gemma has made a point of stating that she has no intention of shedding her womanly curves.  In fact, she has been quoted as saying, “I refuse to conform to this muscley, sinewy look that so many actresses seem to think is attractive.  I hate it and I don’t think it’s very feminine”.  Me too Gemma!!

Below are pictures from the recent London Film Festival that show how her shapely hourglass figure was flattered by her black and gold body hugging dress from L’Wren Scott.

Gemma Atterton front

London Film Festival