David Haye One

Boxer David Haye

I for one love myself some David Haye.  The sexy UK boxer is a serious piece of eye candy as you can see in the picture above.  He is also a kick-ass former cruiserweight champion.  But even I am wondering what he was thinking when he accepted a heavyweight bout with Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev, the current WBA champ, the HEAVYweight champ! Valuev is over seven feet tall compared to Haye who is 6’3”.  I’m praying that the whole “the bigger they are the harder they fall” scenario comes into play for Haye, but my gut tells me this big hairy Russian is gonna kick his cocky ass. 


**UPDATE** David Haye beat Nikolai Valuev on points and became the WBA heavyweight champion.  I gladly stand corrected and congratulate the new champ.