Tall, Dark and HANDSOME!!!


Ladies, what is sexier than an Italian man?  How about an Italian man who is not only hot as hell, but tough as nails too.  Meet Rome native Victor Alfieri.  Alfieri is a former model and police officer who is now pursuing a successful career as an actor.  You daytime fans will recognize him from his stints on daytime hits like the Days of Our Lives and The Bold and The Beautiful while cinema bugs will remember him from his most recent role in Angels and Demons opposite Tom Hanks.

His brief stint in law enforcement was spurned by his harrowing experince protecting his then girlfriend from two muggers.  The brutal attack left the handsome Alfieri with cuts requiring over 50 stitches.

Multi-talented, Alfieri has produced, wrote and directed his first short film which he is developing into a full length feature.  In January 2008 he opened his own production company called Black Knight Entertainment.  Look for more from this sexy knight in shining armour in the future.

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