Parlez-vous français?

I’m a big believer in one never being too old to learn something new so that’s what I’m planning to do in 2010.  It has always bothered me that I never learned to speak a foriegn language fluently.  All of my European friends speak at least three languages.  I can say a few words in French, Spanish, German and Italian, but I certainly can’t carry on a conversation in any of those languages.

I’ve decided to celebrate my 40th birthday by learning  French in 2010.  I’m totally smitten with all things French so it makes sense to learn to speak the language. After researching program after program I settled on the Living Language system.

Living Language didn’t break the bank like some of the systems seen in infomercials and it is super conveient to use.  I listen to the CD’s while driving and during my downtime in the evenings.  I’ve also started incorporating new words into everyday conversation to help me get use to saying them in real life settings. 

To help me take this seriously I’m approaching it like a college course.  In every college course there is a midterm and a final exam.  My midterm will be talking to my french speaking cousins in Canada and getting their advice.  My final exam will be a trip to Paris for my 41st birthday!  Internationalement fabuleux!