Valentine’s Day is just ten days away so I thought I’d give you ten gift ideas for every budget.

  1. Prepare a home-cooked, candlelight dinner.  Serve champagne and strawberries for an extra romantic touch.
  2. Make a CD of his/her all time favorite songs.  Better yet, you can download the songs directly to a brand new iPod for extra cool points.
  3. Provide an all expense paid spa day, complete with manicure, pedicure and message, for the special lady in your life.
  4. Guys love showing off how good they are at the sport of their choice so arrange for him to spend time hitting tennis balls, baseballs or golf balls, throwing footballs, basketballs or bowling ball.  Tag along so you can be his personal cheerleader.
  5. Is your honey still living in the cell phone dark ages? Upgrade them to a new smartphone.
  6. An heirloom quality piece of fine jewelry.  Invest in something that will stand the test of time.
  7. Perfume/Cologne.  Tried and true good choices.  Just make sure you know their favorite scent.
  8. Revisit the site(s) of your first date.
  9. Plan a great getaway to their favorite vacation destination.  Get last minute deals online at, and
  10. BMW, Lexus, Mercedes…you get the picture.

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