I finally got a chance to go see “Diana: A Celebration” yesterday at the Atlanta Civic Center.  There was a long line but it was so worth the wait.  My only complaint was that the fashion portion was too small.  I had hoped to see even more of her iconic wardrobe. 

There was a large selection of artifacts from her childhood and home movies of a young Diana shot by her father.  Visitors get the feeling of being let into her childhood bedroom to see some of her favorite things.  From there you transition into her adult life filled with royalty and service.  But by far the most breathtaking moment was rounding a corner and being greeted by her full wedding regalia including shoes.  Exquisite! 

The show runs almost daily and will be in Atlanta through June 13th.  Tickets are $19.50 for adults and you can also purchase the audio package for an additional $6.  Below are pictures of some the outfits that you’ll get to see.