Audrey’s LBD Is Still Top Pick Friday, May 28 2010 

Proving that a beautiful outfit really is timeless, the simple black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been named the greatest female screen outfit of all time in a recent survey.

The Givenchy designed gown has become the iconic example of easy elegance.  Accessorised with pearls and elbow length black gloves this classic LBD is the gold standard for a lot of fashion buffs including yours truly.  Hepburn’s own natural style and grace brought it to life, while her quirky upbeat sense of humor made it relatable.

The survey was sponsored by the UK based DVD rental group Lovefilm.


New Creative Director For McQueen Thursday, May 27 2010 

Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton has been named Creative Director at Alexander McQueen.  Burton, who spent the last 14 years as the late designer’s right hand, was always the front-runner for the job in my mind.  Glad to see that the powers that be over at the Gucci Group agreed.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Wednesday, May 26 2010 

Retailer Nordstrom is having their highly anticipated half-yearly sale for women and kids right now.  Click on the picture below to go to the site and enjoy great savings.

Happy Shopping!!!

Lenox Square Mall Tuesday, May 25 2010 

I made time to visit Lenox Square Mall while in Atlanta this past weekend.  It’s never a disappointing visit. Although Lenox Square was established in 1959 you shouldn’t expect to see an outdated relic of shopping days gone by. 

Anchored by Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s the mall also features over 200 specialty stores – shops like Club Monaco, BCBG, Betsey Johnson, Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Coach, Cartier,  Louis Vuitton,  Kiehl’s Since 1851, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Zara. 

Saturdays are a bit too crowded for my tastes, but they’re ideal if you also want to do some great people watching.  Atlanta is such an eclectic fashion melting pot that it’s always fun to see what the natives are wearing.

“Diana: A Celebration” Graces Atlanta Sunday, May 23 2010 

I finally got a chance to go see “Diana: A Celebration” yesterday at the Atlanta Civic Center.  There was a long line but it was so worth the wait.  My only complaint was that the fashion portion was too small.  I had hoped to see even more of her iconic wardrobe. 

There was a large selection of artifacts from her childhood and home movies of a young Diana shot by her father.  Visitors get the feeling of being let into her childhood bedroom to see some of her favorite things.  From there you transition into her adult life filled with royalty and service.  But by far the most breathtaking moment was rounding a corner and being greeted by her full wedding regalia including shoes.  Exquisite! 

The show runs almost daily and will be in Atlanta through June 13th.  Tickets are $19.50 for adults and you can also purchase the audio package for an additional $6.  Below are pictures of some the outfits that you’ll get to see.

Chanel Iman Does Vogue China Thursday, May 20 2010 

 The always gorgeous Chanel Iman is set to grace the pages of Vogue China’s June 2010 issue.  Shot by photographer Thomas Schenk, the 8-page spread is fun and flirty. 

Too Casual…Thong Sandals Wednesday, May 19 2010 

In this casual society we live in thong sandals and embellished flip flops have somehow become dress shoes just so we can show off our $25 pedicures.  WRONG! 

There is nothing worse than seeing a woman in her Sunday best or a beautiful power suit only to look at her feet and see totally inappropriate shoes. Take the time to ask yourself if your shoes match the outfit AND the occasion/locale. A great alternative that fits more formal occasions and still looks great in an office environment would be a fabulous peep-toe pump.

~I’m bringing CLASSY back!~

Dior Resort 2011 Collection Tuesday, May 18 2010 

Dior debuted its Resort 2011 collection with a sixties inspired runway show in Shanghai on Saturday evening.  Inspired by the French New Wave, the collection was a chic blend of ready-to-wear and couture.  The use of vibrant colors like lime green, fuchsia and lilac was offset with lots of white.

~I’m bringing CLASSY back!~

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Living In A Casual World Monday, May 17 2010 

I agree!!!

My number one fashion peeve is that most people have gotten much too casual about their wardrobes.  I would much rather be overdressed than underdressed any day.  Most of the time the overdressed person at an event is remembered as being the best dressed. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was once a disciple of the “Casual = Comfortable” doctrine, but maturity has brought with it a keen eye for the inappropriate.  So I’d like to think that I am shining a light on an old problem, rather than casting stones or pointing accusing fingers at anyone in particular.

When I first began working on this piece I was convinced that the problem began in the mid to late 80’s when the Casual Friday fad took off.  But after digging deeper into fashion history I now believe it actually began about two decades before that in the mid to late 60’s.  That’s when young people, who were bent on expressing themselves, began thumbing their noses at their parent’s conservative lifestyles and equally conservative wardrobes. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing casually for a casual event.  Bring on the jeans and sneakers or the shorts and flip flops for the family barbecue or a beach party. Not for your nieces christening or your nephew’s graduation or dinner theatre.  But unfortunately, most people now consider every day a casual day.  Visit any high school or college campus in America and you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the students and some of the faculty (unless you see someone in pajama bottoms, that’s definitely a student). Turn on the television Sunday mornings and you’re greeted by pastors in jeans. As if looking “cool” is really going to save more souls.   

Life is not a casual dress rehearsal.  Why treat it that way?  Dress up to stand out.  After all, these days all you have to do to stand out in a crowd (or at work and school) is dress well because so many people don’t.

~I’m bringing CLASSY back!~

photo credit: Scott Adams, author

Chanel Resort 2011 Monday, May 17 2010 

Chanel’s Resort 2011 had a distinctly bohemian feel to it. Lots of fringes and barefeet. Even the hair and make-up reminded me of a free concert in the park circa 1972. 

~I’m bringing CLASSY back!~

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